Feedback Labs Toolkit

Feedback Labs is a consortium of organizations working to ensure that people served by social change work have a strong voice in each part of the process, a nascent and revolutionary concept for governments, nonprofits and donors. Together, Feedback Labs member organizations seek to support citizen feedback by framing and clarifying key issues, developing efective tools and mainstreaming the use of feedback loops in the social sector. Feedback Labs began in 2013 with leadership from Ashoka Changemakers, GlobalGiving, Development Gateway and Keystone Accountability (among others) and seed funding from the Rita Allen Foundation and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. It has since become a key hub of resources to accelerate the culture of listening and cocreation in the social sector, with members including practitioners, funding platforms, technology providers and direct-service organizations that aim to invert the top-down tendency of aid, philanthropy and governments. It has received significant support from the Fund for Shared Insight to build its capacity (see page 16), as well as from the Rita Allen Foundation to develop an online toolkit of resources.