Gwendolyn Hoben

Assistant Professor, Plastic Surgery; Cell biology, neurobiology, and anatomy

Ph.D., Rice University

M.D., Baylor College of Medicine

In conjunction with Margaret and William R. Hearst III

A truly new way to approach a problem surgically is rare and that is what has made targeted muscle reinnervation so fascinating. The unexpected observation that TMR could prevent and reduce residual limb and phantom limb pain in amputees has already impacted the lives of hundreds of patients. The Hoben laboratory has taken TMR from the bedside back to the bench to better elucidate how surgically rearranging nerves affects pain pathways. These changes in nerve connections alter neurons, the fundamental cells of the nervous system. Characterizing the changes in these cells may help identify critical components of residual and phantom limb pain that can be targeted for pain relief. Ultimately, we hope that by better understanding the foundation of TMR pain relief we will be able to apply TMR principles to amputees with chronic pain and other forms of nerve injuries.