Civic Engagement

The Rita Allen Foundation seeds new ideas and approaches in the field of civic engagement, believing that aware, informed and engaged citizens are our greatest assets for solving the most critical problems in our communities.

Our investments include innovative approaches to strengthening civic engagement in the United States through new technology, information and tools for citizens. Supported projects are nonpartisan, encouraging an informed and vibrant democracy without promoting particular political parties or policies.

This is an urgent time to strengthen civic participation. The weakening of traditional and investigative press coverage, the influence of money in politics, the perception that voting doesn’t matter, the polarization of politics and the often hostile tone of public debate have had serious, detrimental effects on people’s willingness and ability to productively contribute to the democratic process. Yet new technology and knowledge across sectors provide powerful new tools for democratic engagement and problem solving. We embrace learning through experimentation, network building and knowledge sharing to advance the civic potential of people and technology.