Civic Science Resources for COVID-19
In response to the coronavirus pandemic, a collection of resources created and recommended by members of the civic science network to support shared learning and action.

Civic Science Resources
A collection of resources curated by Civic Science Fellows, host organizations, and resource partners as a starting point for learning more about civic science in research and practice. The Rita Allen Foundation and others support the Civic Science Fellows program for diverse leaders working to co-create inclusive connections between science and civic life.

Public Face of Science
A report from the American Academy of Arts and Sciences surveys current knowledge on Americans’ encounters with science, with the goal of building awareness among science communicators, advocates and researchers. Encountering Science in America is the second in a series of publications from the Academy’s multiyear initiative, the Public Face of Science, which is funded in part by the Rita Allen Foundation.

Communicating Science Effectively: A Research Agenda
This report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine synthesizes a wide range of findings from research on communicating about science and points to specific targets to continue to build knowledge about communicating science effectively. (The Rita Allen Foundation and others supported the work of the National Academies’ committee that produced the report.)

The Oxford Handbook of The Science of Science Communication
A collection of essays from thought leaders and scholars covering a wide range of topics for advocates of science engagement such as the role of media and elite intermediaries in communicating science as well as overcoming challenges in the field. Elizabeth Good Christopherson also discusses how philanthropic foundations can support the case for science communication and integrate these goals with current strategic initiatives.

More Resources for Science Communication
The Resources page of our website features several toolkits for scientists seeking to communicate with a variety of audiences.