Science Media Monitor Digest

A summary of findings on science reporting in the news media from 2018 to 2019, covering themes such as discovery, retractions, and crisis and self-correction.

Civic Science

The Rita Allen Foundation’s evolving collection of research, resources and perspectives on the intersection of science and civic life

Communicating Science Effectively: A Research Agenda

Synthesizes a wide range of findings from research on communicating about science and points to specific targets to continue to build knowledge about communicating science effectively (The Rita Allen Foundation and others supported the work of the National Academies’ committee that produced this report)

Sharing Science

A rich collection of resources for scientists on communicating to journalists, policy makers, and community groups, including a flow chart of routes to engagement

COMPASS Message Box Workbook

A process for shaping how to talk about scientific research with diverse audiences (supported by the Rita Allen Foundation), drawing on lessons from 15 years of training and experimentation. View the COMPASS Resources and Tools page for more tips on engaging with the media and meeting with policy makers.