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New Report: Civic Tech Companies Make Gains, Struggle With Sustainable Business Models

“Scaling Civic Tech: Paths to a Sustainable Future,” provides analysis and interviews with nearly 50 stakeholders A new report offers an in-depth view into the emerging civic tech industry, revealing the opportunities and challenges faced by organizations working to connect citizens with their government when seeking to scale and…

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Scaling Civic Tech: Paths to a Sustainable Future

A collection of insights, examples and lessons about the successes of and challenges to the sustainable growth of civic tech organizations

The Science of Communication: Webinar on Emerging Research and Implications for Philanthropy

Many in the philanthropic community are expressing concern about a growing disregard for truth and evidence in American society. Rejection of scientific evidence—whether on climate change, vaccine safety, evolution or nuclear power—highlights the need to better understand the complex dynamics at work, and what can be done to strengthen the…

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