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Beyond “Just the Facts”

The American Press Institute’s Tom Rosenstiel on fact checking and journalism in a “post-truth” era Tom Rosenstiel is a leading authority on journalism in the 21st century. As Executive Director of the American Press Institute since 2013, he has led API’s efforts to anticipate issues, conduct research and…

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MEDIASHIFT: Foundations Combat Fake News

A network of journalists, nonprofits, researchers and foundations have been investigating routes to weakening the influence of fake and misleading stories masquerading as news online. Now, following an election in which misinformation was highly visible, their work is taking on a new urgency. A two-part series by Elia Powers in MediaShift…

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A Few Reflections on the Challenges of Engaging Across Divisions

As the calendar year closes, we’ve reached out to several leaders in journalism, academia, philanthropy and social entrepreneurship to listen more deeply to what’s on their minds as they foster civic engagement in the current environment. We’ve heard several themes resonate: The importance of listening broadly and responding effectively to…

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