A Call for Ideas

In March 2018, we issued an open call for ideas to be featured in the Misinformation Solutions Forum. The call sought interventions focused on reducing behaviors that lead to the spread of misinformation or encouraging behaviors that can lead to the minimization of its influence. Interventions with technological, educational, and/or community-based components were encouraged, as were projects involving science communication, public health and diverse populations. The submissions were judged through a blind review process by a diverse committee of expert judges with representatives from the Rita Allen Foundation, as well as external institutions such as the Democracy Fund, the National Institutes of Health, the Poynter Institute, First Draft and academic institutions.

The six finalist teams selected for participation in the Forum were as follows (listed alphabetically by sponsoring institution):

  • Digital Game Development – Claremont Graduate University (Kathy Pezdek, team lead), HitPoint Studios, and Legacy Games
  • Addressing the Appeal of Misinformation in Health News – Florida International University (Susan Jacobson, team lead) and Living Beyond Breast Cancer
  • Mind Over Chatter – Indiana University Kokomo (Mark Canada, team lead)
  • Go Above the Noise – KQED, Northern California Public Broadcasting (Randy Depew, team lead)
  • It Takes a Village – University of Florida Foundation (Amanda Sams Bradshaw, team lead) and Shands Hospital, University of Florida
  • “Let Me Fact-Check That for You” – Washington State University Foundation (Mike Caulfield, team lead), C-Colony Productions, and S. Waterman

The Forum provided an opportunity for the teams to further hone and develop their ideas with input from a variety of industry professionals, funders and experts. Following the forum, three winners were chosen by a combination of judges’ rankings and feedback from participants in the Misinformation Solutions Forum, recognizing the ideas with the most promise to positively shift the information-sharing landscape.