Tom Maniatis: Mastering Methods and Exploring Molecular Mechanisms

Tom Maniatis launched his scientific career by experimenting with early ultraviolet lasers to scrutinize the development of chicken embryos. This undergraduate research experience, at the University of Colorado, Boulder, “taught me the importance of bringing technological developments to important biological problems,” Maniatis recalls. Tom Maniatis(Photo: Columbia…

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Rita Allen Foundation Announces $710,000 in Grants for New Ventures in Civic Information and Public Interest Technology

Information has the power to build understanding, change points of view, and help individuals and groups reach smarter decisions. Making sense of ever-expanding mounds of facts and figures often requires bringing together disparate areas of knowledge—science and journalism, computation and politics, or data science and public safety. Creative leaders from…

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Rita Allen Cassel

Rita Allen Cassel was the founder of the Rita Allen Foundation and for many years served as its President. Her strong interest in supporting medical research and promoting cultural advancement are threads still found today in the fabric of the Rita Allen Foundation. A theatrical producer in the 1950s and…

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