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New Civic Science Fellowship to Connect Science and Society

People, communities, and our larger society are confronting complex challenges and opportunities, from public health to economic growth, climate change, and more. Science—as a process, as an ever-growing body of knowledge, and as a network of skilled people—can provide insights into potential solutions and push new frontiers for humanity. As…

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New Report: Encountering Science in America

The American Academy of Arts and Sciences has released a report examining the many ways Americans engage with science today, whether through zoos, community projects, science festivals, TV news programming, or ever-evolving social media. Through data visualization, analysis, and case studies, Encountering Science in America highlights expanding opportunities to engage…

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Mark Zylka: Connecting the Causes of Pain and Childhood Neurological Disorders

Mark Zylka discovered the excitement of pursuing a scientific question in high school. His high school science teacher, Robert Foor-Hogue, led a hands-on course in which Zylka and the other students designed research experiments to address their individual burning scientific questions. It was then that Zylka appreciated that the…

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Laura Johnston Joins Rita Allen Foundation Scientific Advisory Committee

Laura Johnston, Professor of Genetics and Development at Columbia University, has been named to the Rita Allen Foundation Scientific Advisory Committee. Johnston has been recognized for her work elucidating the processes by which cells communicate their fitness and compete for territory in developing tissues, which have surprising similarities…

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