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The Princeton Packet Highlights Rita Allen Foundation’s Philanthropy

The Rita Allen Foundation’s distinctive mission and collaborative style of philanthropy are the focus of a feature article in today’s issue of The Princeton Packet (published online August 25).

The piece recounts the origins and evolution of the Foundation, including longstanding investments in early-career biomedical Scholars, as well as more recent work in civic literacy and engagement.

“We have thought about our approach to philanthropy, which is distinctive in the sense that we’re a little bit like a venture philanthropist,” Elizabeth Good Christopherson, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Rita Allen Foundation, tells The Packet. “We try to invest—as our scientists do at their early stages—in ideas when they are relatively untested, when they’re taking some smart risks.”

Read the article to learn more about the Foundation, which Christopherson describes as “a philanthropic lab,” including how the Foundation draws on the energy of the Princeton-area community.